Available datasets

Users can view the list of available datasets by executing the command below:

from spacebench.datasets import Datasets
dm = Datasets()

Please be aware that these are only the names of the datasets.

Semi-synthetic data environment

To access the actual data, you must establish a semi-synthetic data environment. Let’s say we want to download healthd_dmgrcs_mortality_disc which is the name of one of the datasets of the Air Pollution and Mortality collections. We can accomplish this by running the following command:

env = SpaceEnv('healthd_dmgrcs_mortality_disc', dir = "downloads")

The downloads/healthd_dmgrcs_mortality_disc directory will be created and the data will be downloaded into it. Each dataset includes:

  • training data

  • true counterfactuals

  • spatial graph with coordiates

  • smoothness and confounding scores


If the data is already downloaded, the SpaceEnv object will not download it again.